Mastering the Self - 4 Week Materclass Series

Sunday, June 30th @ 7:00 PM

Mastering The Self
ICON Event Hall - 7-9pm
June 12th, 19th, 26th & 30th
$30 per event, or
$100 for all 4 -

We have over extended ourselves individually and as a species. We all face challenge and at some point life becomes overwhelming, it is part of the human condition. But now we have the knowledge and the awareness to know why this is, to rise above our common human dysfunction and become who we are intended to be.

This powerful & liberating series of workshops will utilize eastern & western views while introducing you to a different weekly practice for achieving balance, mastery & inner awakening.  Each week will consist of philosophy, wisdom, yoga practice, breathwork, meditation, sound therapy, and occasionally, cacao ceremony & crystal-grid meditation.  No experience is required. 

Pick and choose which events appeal to you. There is a price discount if you purchase all four.

Week 4 - “Cultivating Self Love”
Sunday, June 30th. 7:00-9:00pm
Discover the key to the lasting feeling of joy, universal acceptance & unambiguous love for yourself & your life.
*Includes intense breathwork practice.