402 N. Main Avenue
Sioux Falls, SD 57104

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By appointment only.
Office Hours:
Tuesday-Friday 10-5 p.m.


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Leah Bothamley Avatar
Leah Bothamley
9/18/2022 - Google

Great place for events.

Jeremy Petersen Avatar
Jeremy Petersen
9/04/2022 - Google

Cool venue

Andrew Valese Avatar
Andrew Valese
9/04/2022 - Google

Great atmosphere. Definitely an amazing slice of the greater downtown area.

Amy Marschall Avatar
Amy Marschall
7/16/2022 - Google

The food is great and the cocktails are so creative! I chatted with some of the staff and I get the impression that management actually cares about their employees which is rare these days.

Charles B Avatar
Charles B
7/09/2022 - Google

The beef bowl was excellent! Myles is a great server and the outdoor dining area was perfect.

Ryan H Avatar
Ryan H
7/01/2022 - Google

Great drinks and atmosphere. Food menu was not particularly appetizing for the price, but I did not try it.

Brian Kaiser Avatar
Brian Kaiser
6/26/2022 - Google

Great service. Super cool guy in purple corduroy jacket that I wanna hang out with. Good Miller High Life.

Alexandra Hurney Avatar
Alexandra Hurney
4/17/2022 - Google

Fun atmospheric. Great service. Amazing food. The Tandoori Burrito was DELICIOUS!!! Best fries and Dada dipping sauce!

Eric Gage Avatar
Eric Gage
4/10/2022 - Google

One of our favorite places to eat on Sioux Falls!

Ty Avatar
3/06/2022 - Google

Great food and drinks!

JP M Avatar
2/28/2022 - Google

Awesome place to have an event, excellent ambiance with options for bar and food. Restaurant also excellent.

Jenna Thu Avatar
Jenna Thu
2/19/2022 - Google

Such a fun and beautiful venue! The lighting, artwork, exposed bricks, and they had live music on the stage! The drinks and food menu are perfect for foodies who appreciate creativity. I loved the shrimp... read more

Mark Diamond Avatar
Mark Diamond
2/19/2022 - Google

Food was really good. We had the house salad, fries, bowl with tuna, and shrimp tamale. I had the old fashioned which was full of ice cubes (not my favorite) and very sweet. With regards... read more

Nate Anderson Avatar
Nate Anderson
2/19/2022 - Google

A great date night restaurant. The service is fantastic and the menu provides a delicious option for any appetite. I would suggest one of their signature cocktails to cap off your meal. ... read more

George Posey Avatar
George Posey
2/12/2022 - Google

It's such a cool place located in downtown Sioux Falls. It is easy to locate spacious and attractive.A safe , fun place to enjoy

Samii Martin Avatar
Samii Martin
1/22/2022 - Google

I love coming here for the great food and drink, and staying for the fun atmosphere and wonderful bartenders! 10/10 recommend the DaDa Collins and the Shawarma. Definitely a must go in Sioux Falls.

Brandon Sedlacek Avatar
Brandon Sedlacek
1/01/2022 - Google

Good Xmas party I attended there..

Jeremy Shykes Avatar
Jeremy Shykes
12/17/2021 - Google

Food was amazing, if you're significant other is in a bad mood bring them here. The food could turn anyone's frown upside-down.

Jerad Hoffman Avatar
Jerad Hoffman
12/03/2021 - Google

This might be some of the best food in Sioux Falls. Highly recommend DaDa Gastropub

Becky Squyer Avatar
Becky Squyer
11/25/2021 - Google

So much fun! The service here is top-notch and your meal will be too. DaDa Gastropub shares the same owners as Parker’s Bistro and is backed by the same standards - Executive Chef included! Delicious... read more

Sue Muecke Avatar
Sue Muecke
10/10/2021 - Google

Cool venue... old rustic look..

James Boeding Avatar
James Boeding
9/09/2021 - Google

Icon Lounge & DaDa Gastropub is a delightful cocktail salon and eatery who's service is second only to their innovative approach to a modern social club, specializing in live music and events, harkening back to... read more

Scott R Avatar
Scott R
8/23/2021 - Google

Excellent drinks, food & service!

Madisen Sherman Avatar
Madisen Sherman
8/09/2021 - Google

Amazing show awesome venue!

roman craigle Avatar
roman craigle
7/16/2021 - Google

Bomb food, bomb drinks.

Beth Keller Avatar
Beth Keller
7/16/2021 - Google

The food is fabulous. BLOODY MARY Drinks, best ever.... Customer Service is spot on.

Jill Brusse Avatar
Jill Brusse
7/12/2021 - Google

This is a lovely place for a reception. They help was awesome ! I rarely criticize on here. If I don't have something nice to say... But this is easily remedied, the food could have... read more

Cody Hunt Avatar
Cody Hunt
7/09/2021 - Google

Great place to hang out on the patio with a drink and food. The drink menu is fairly large and diverse with limited food options. Both the food and the drinks were good. Our server... read more

Scott Hoffman Avatar
Scott Hoffman
6/10/2021 - Google

Great place to have an event!Great atmosphere and great food.Staff did a great job!

Jojean Roy Avatar
Jojean Roy
5/29/2021 - Google

We had a great time with family tonight for dinner. The drink menu is extensive with a limited food menu. Our drinks were amazing and the food was really good. The atmosphere... read more

Scott Hoffman Avatar
Scott Hoffman
5/16/2021 - Google

Great place to have an event! Great atmosphere and great food. Staff did a great job!

Jason Thiner (Thiner Media) Avatar
Jason Thiner (Thiner Media)
5/16/2021 - Google

Great food fast service nice patio and good mixed drinks.. Can't go wrong!😁😁😁

michelle cramer Avatar
michelle cramer
4/16/2021 - Google

Food was great. Took a while to get, but worth it

Lauren Paul Avatar
Lauren Paul
4/16/2021 - Google

Popped into DaDa for the first time by chance today. The chicken sandwich was wonderful, as was my kombucha-based mocktail. I was blown away by how beautiful and avant garde the whole space was. I... read more

Simran Sekhon Avatar
Simran Sekhon
3/16/2021 - Google

The burrito was insanely delicious!

Sara Benson Avatar
Sara Benson
3/16/2021 - Google

Food, drinks and staff are fantastic! A go to spot every Tuesday night for live music.

Kayla Briggs Avatar
Kayla Briggs
3/16/2021 - Google

Food was delicious and the service was great. The atmosphere is super eclectic and chill. We played some Street fighter on the SEGA they have in the main room. Very cool place.

Cindy Sutton Avatar
Cindy Sutton
3/16/2021 - Google

The workers were very friendly. Foid was great

William Brackett Avatar
William Brackett
2/16/2021 - Google

Service was dope, food was pretty good, drinks are hit or miss on good but they're all pretty strong so beware.

Gina McManus Avatar
Gina McManus
2/16/2021 - Google

Delicious!! Unique atmosphere!

Jason Currie-Olson Avatar
Jason Currie-Olson
2/16/2021 - Google

First time at DaDa. Celebrating dry January. And the bartender (Jonah?) was awesome. Super friendly. Answered questions about cocktails. Kept my NA beverage full. Very friendly. The food was great. The... read more

Calla Bjorklund Jarvie Avatar
Calla Bjorklund Jarvie
2/16/2021 - Google

The Icon is such a neat space, and it's awesome to have a restaurant here. The cocktails were delightful, and the food was awesome. Service was great, and we were very socially distanced. Would definitely... read more